Vision and Goals

The current vision is to expose the South African market to the vast worlds of Gin, educate and also inform our patrons about the different flavors, drinking techniques and distillery process of Gin to eventually certify Gin connoisseurs. With this vision in mind, we intend to unlock the market and increase the consumption rate of Gin in South Africa, Provide the local market with knowledge and information on latest global Gin trends. The distinct distillery of Gin is seen as one of the world’s best spirit distillery process which is why we envision the South African market as being on par with the world in consumption and social activities, also redefining our own Gin culture.

Target Market

Gin&_ targets a socially active and youthful market which enjoys the combination of music, fashion, food and of course Gin. Our target market is open minded gin drinkers who want to further explore and define the lifestyle of Gin.

Creating the culture

How we intend on achieving our vision is to engage the market in the best way we know how and that is through music, food and social gatherings. Our name Gin&_ represents the focal point to the culture creation, what Gin can be paired with and the naming to our events.


Andile Andza
Founder & Ambassador – Gin& (Bcompt, CA(SA))

The love for Gin began as a hobby, on most weekends with friends the preferred spirit was always Gin, often we would try different types of Gin and the taste was always great.

This triggered the desire to learn more about gin and the world of gin and I was extremely fascinated by what I found and was compelled to share this knowledge with all my friends and South Africa at large, hence the creation of Gin&_ and Gin&_ events.

Since then it has been my passion to learn more about Gin and its distillery.